Meet The BuildClub Team

Innovators Behind Success

Welcome to The BuildClub, where innovation meets construction material supply, and technology redefines the way we build. Allow us to introduce the brilliant minds that are behind our groundbreaking advancements, each contributing their expertise to revolutionize the construction industry.

Stephen Forte - Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Sole Director

Meet the visionary leader at the helm of The BuildClub, Stephen Forte. With 28 patents filed and 15 awarded, he's a true expert in mobile app and software development. Stephen's impressive portfolio includes founding and successfully exiting multiple tech startups, serving as CEO for public and private companies, and overseeing operations in 63 countries. His expertise in managing P&Ls ranging from startups to over $1 billion in revenue is a testament to his exceptional leadership.

Pavel Kirakosyan - Director of Engineering

Pavel brings over 12 years of software development experience, with 7 years specifically managing engineering teams. His involvement with diverse startups has granted him expertise in managing and building development teams and products. 

Andrew Barron - Operations Manager

As The BuildClub's Operations Manager, Andrew plays a pivotal role in ensuring smooth and efficient day-to-day operations. He's dedicated to guaranteeing that orders and deliveries run seamlessly, ensuring products reach customers on time and in impeccable condition.

Omar Dickens - Operations and Logistics Coordinator

Omar is the driving force behind the seamless execution of our orders and deliveries. His dedication ensures that customers receive products promptly and enjoy a hassle-free experience. 

Adrian Trujillo - Customer Service Manager

Meet Adrian, an experienced Sales and Customer Service Manager with a remarkable 12 years in the Customer Experience industry. At The BuildClub, he oversees the entire sales process, implementing strategies, managing pipelines, and fostering strong customer relationships. 

Monica Portillo - Customer Service Manager

Monica, our friendly customer service representative, is passionate about delivering excellent customer experiences. With her extensive customer service background, she excels in building strong client relationships. Monica's proficiency in English and Spanish enables her to serve a wider range of customers, swiftly resolving issues and providing stellar support.

Carolina Reyes - Customer Service

Carolina brings a decade of experience in customer service and logistics to The BuildClub. Her expertise in crafting complex logistics solutions for companies of all sizes makes her a valuable asset. 

Maksym Dicktor - Data Scientist / Python Developer

Maksym is a Full Stack Developer with over 10 years of experience, holding a Master's degree in Computer Engineering. His vast expertise spans Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Web Architecture, and more. 

Lilit Sargsyan - Test Engineer

Lilit is a QA specialist with a knack for uncovering bugs and enhancing user experience. With 4 years of experience in testing web and mobile applications, Lilit's meticulous attention to detail ensures the quality and usability of our platform.

Artur Garbuzyan - Front-end Developer

Artur is a passionate JavaScript developer with over 5 years of experience. His dedication to programming and problem-solving is evident in his drive to create seamless user experiences. Artur's commitment to mastering his craft shines through his continuous learning and development.

Shahen Antonyan - Senior Mobile Engineer

Shahen is a seasoned mobile engineer with around a decade of experience. His passion for mobile development keeps him on the cutting edge of current development stacks. 

Together, these remarkable individuals drive The BuildClub's mission of redefining the construction industry. Their expertise, passion, and dedication are the driving force behind our success, propelling us to new heights of innovation and growth. 

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