The BuildClub Webinar Recap

How Digital Tools Can Change The Industry

Did you miss our latest webinar? No problem! Let me fill you in on some of the highlights to get you updated!

Join me and Tony Luigs, former VP Pro at Home Depot, as we dig into the details of transformative impact in technology on the construction industry, especially in material sourcing. Traditional methods of sourcing building materials often leave professionals racing against time and each other, struggling to secure the right quantity at the best price.

With The BuildClub's innovative approach, and leveraging AI-powered platforms, we're able to scan through millions of items daily, ensuring that our customers have access to the most competitive prices and quickest delivery options. This means no more tedious searches across multiple vendors or settling for subpar deals.

Stay tuned for more updates on StartEngine. In the meantime, enjoy our webinar recording on the link below. 

Watch our full recap here