The BuildClub Webinar Recap: Next-Gen AI Technology

Ready To Break Down Construction Industry Barriers?

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I hosted a groundbreaking webinar, and if you missed the action, we've got you covered! 

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Think of us like Google Flights but for building materials. With our platform, customers get a one-stop-shop for material prices, availability, and the best deals in town. We connected with estimator providers through an API (application programming interface) so customers can access real-time material pricing instantly.

Microsoft and Google noticed our innovation prowess simultaneously. Both giants are backing us with $150,000 each in grants to develop our AI capabilities further. We've already secured 72,000 registered users and 600+ investors on StartEngine, and we invite you to join the momentum! 

Like a scene out of The Jetsons, BuildClub has a unique vision for the future of construction supply. Going back a few decades, don't you wish you could invest a few hundred dollars into Apple or Google?

Be ahead of the curve and invest today.

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